White-tailed eagle with stretched fangs ready to catch fish in a norwegian archipelago

White-tailed Eagle photos

Added by Kim Aaen 31-05-2019
Flying great grey owl during snowfall

We love owls

Added by Kim Aaen 12-03-2019
Carabus cancellatus

Danish carabus species

Added by Lars Madsen 02-10-2012
Night image of an male european tree frog

Danish naturephotograph of the year 2011

Added by Kim Aaen 08-12-2011
Female Phaneroptera falcata

New Bush-cricket for Denmark.

Added by Simon R. Waagner 07-08-2010
Tadpole of Common spadefoot toad. Size illustrated by comparing to danish 5 kr coin.

Spadefoot toad

Added by Kim Aaen
Greylag Goose standing in snow flapping wings

Merry Christmas!

Added by Kim Aaen 23-12-2009
Female Horned Dung Beetle

Horned Dung Beetle

Added by Kim Aaen 27-05-2009
Black Grouse male with the lyre-shaped tail calling aggressively

Black Grouse at the lek

Added by Jakob Damborg 29-04-2009
Golden Eagle at a carcass

Golden Eagle images

Added by Kim Aaen 03-03-2009
Two males of Lesser Kestrel fighting

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The photoarchive now has more than 20.000 photos online.

Added by Simon R. Waagner 17-07-2007
Total lunar eclipse March 3rd 2007, collage, not digitally enlarged, 2800 * 2800 pixels

Lunar eclipse

Added by Jakob Damborg 04-03-2007
Black-throated Thrush. This young female Black-throated Thrush was found the 27th of January 2007 in central Copenhagen in a small green area next to the Zoological Museum. It is the 8th bird of this species found in Denmark.

Black-throated Thrush found in central Copenhagen.

Added by Simon R. Waagner 31-01-2007
Red-eyed damselflies laying eggs in a leaf of a yellow water-lily (<em>Nuphar lutea</em>)

NatureEyes takes prices

Added by Kim Aaen 01-12-2006
Keeled Skimmer, male. The species was believed to be extinct in Denmark but it was rediscovered the 1st of july 2006.

Keeled Skimmer - rediscovered in Denmark

Added by Simon Waagner 07-07-2006
Seaching for food

Northern Hawk Owl images

Added by Kim Aaen 07-01-2006
Norwegian river

Images from Norway

Added by Keld Mortensen 31-10-2005
The first Cinereous Bunting seen in Denmark a 2k male.

Cinereous Bunting - a first for Denmark

Added by Kim Aaen 01-06-2005
Crane blowing its trompet

Dancing Cranes at Lake Hornborga in Sweden

Added by Kim Aaen 25-04-2005
"The Remarkable Rocks"

Photos from down under

Added by Kim Aaen 21-02-2005
Close-up of Pardosa prativaga (lab animal)

Spiders on a diet

Added by Kim Aaen 07-01-2005
Pine Grosbeak (14-11-2004)

Pine Grosbeaks

Added by Kim Aaen 05-12-2004
Young Sabine´s Gull

Sabine´s Gull

Added by Kim Aaen 05-12-2004
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