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All partners in NatureEyes are biologists or students of biology. We apply all of our knowledge and expertise about nature to give our clientele the best guidance.

The photo archive
NatureEyes is an image bank that sells photographs of especially Danish nature. Our photo archive contains a rich representation of Danish plant and animal species. Moreover you’ll find many landscapes and habitats. Our photographers have also visited many other countries and many species and their environments can be found in the photo archive.

NatureEyes collaborates with several talented Danish photographers; this ensures a greater selection and an ever-increasing archive.

NatureEyes gives online access to the photo archive, this provides editors and other users a swift and easy possibility to find exactly the illustrations they need for their publications.

The photo archive is linked to a database that contains all information necessary for selecting the most appropriate images.

The photographers
NatureEyes consists of five partners:
Jakob Damborg
Keld Mortensen
Kim Aaen
Lars D. Bruun
Simon R. Waagner

All the partners supply pictures to the archive.

Besides this NatureEyes also sell nature and wildlife images for the following great naturephotographers:
Bjarke Laubek, Christian A. Jensen, Kent Olsen, Kim Biledgaard, Lars D. Bruun, Lars S. Madsen, Mads Fjeldsø Christensen, Martin Rungø Hilligsøe, and Simon R. Waagner.

Below you can see a short description of each photographer with a few examples of the photographers images.

Jakob Damborg
Jakob is a biologist of education with a major in butterflies. He photographs a wide range of subjects though he has a predilection for macro photography. Travels have led him to Borneo, Africa, Australia, and other remote regions, which have been a rich source of experience and unique nature photographs. Jakob has won recognition for his photographs by winning several Danish photo contests. Jakob experiences the greatest joy outdoors in the field, where he spends as much time as possible whether in his bird hideout or on the search for rare dragonflies.

Examples of images created by Jakob Damborg

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Keld Mortensen
Keld took his Master of Science degree about stream insects and ecology at The University of Aarhus. Keld has photographed since 1992 and specialize in plant-, and insect photography. Keld´s interest in streams and wetlands strongly influence his choice of subjects. Keld has photographed on his travels to for instance Norway, Estonia, France, Slovakia, and Tenerife but the bulk of his pictures are from Denmark. View my profile on LinkedIn

Examples of images created by Keld Mortensen

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Kim Aaen
Kim has been a nature photographer since 1996 when he began his Master’s study of biology at The University of Århus, Denmark. Kim photographs a wide range of subjects, but birds are of the greatest interest. The interest in nature and photography has led to journeys in for instance South-East Asia, Northern Africa, Spain, Sweden, and Estonia. Kim’s pictures have been published in several magazines, among others "Natur og Museum", "Fugle i Felten", and "Birding World".

Examples of images created by Kim Aaen

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Christian A. Jensen

Examples of images created by Christian A. Jensen

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Lars D. Bruun
Lars has a Master of Science degree in zoology.He has photographed for five years, his subjects are primarily spiders but occasionally a plant or insect is "shot". He is one of the few Danish experts in spiders. He has travelled and photographed in Eastern Europe, Northern Africa, and the Middle East. The Museum of Natural History of Århus, the county of Århus, "Adventure World", and the publisher Klematis are some of the purchasers of Lars´ photographs.

Examples of images created by Lars D. Bruun

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Lars S. Madsen
Lars has always had an interest in nature and has been photographing everything that caught his attention since he was a young teenager. In 2002 he bought his first digital SRL camera which allowed for more experimentation with, and depth of coverage, of the subject matter. To begin with it was primarily birds that Lars photographed but since then the subject coverage has been broadened significantly though birds, butterflies and dragonflies are still the main subject of his photography. Lars often finds his motives within the borders of Denmark but every now and then he finds the opportunity to bring home a set of images from other countries. Lars´ images have been licensed by several buyers, amongst these Politikens Forlag and BBC Wildlife Magazine.

Examples of images created by Lars S. Madsen

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Mads Fjeldsø Christensen

Examples of images created by Mads Fjeldsø Christensen

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Martin Rungø Hilligsøe
From Aarhus University Martin Rungø Hilligsøe has a Master of Science Degree about the butterfly Heath Fritillary (Mellicta athalia). The exact topic was chosen in order to combine a huge data collecting with photography. The interest for photography started in Svendborg in 1987, where the first second hand SLR was bought. After exposure of thousands roles of slides he converted to digital photography in 2004. Closest to Martins heart is makrophotography which is quite obvious looking at his portfolio.

Examples of images created by Martin Rungø Hilligsøe

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Simon R. Waagner
Simon was born in Aarhus, Denmark in 1972, and has been interested in nature since he was a child. Present he is a biologist. As a photographer he is especially fond of travel-, bird-, and macro photography. Simon has visited many countries e.g. Poland, Slovakia, Greece, Tunisia, and Thailand, but several travels to the Andean region of South America have been his greatest inspiration. He has held many lectures on the avifauna of that continent.

Website Simon Waagner

Examples of images created by Simon R. Waagner

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