How to shop at NatureEyes

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Picture search
Business with NatureEyes is directed primarily through the webpage Here you can search for
the exact pictures you need for your publication.

You start the search by clicking on the photoarchive. Here you find two search fields on the left side. In the
upper/top one you can write a search word, and the database will find pictures that are associated with that
word. In the lower search field, "the category field", you can choose a specific category and see all the pictures
inside this. You can combine the two search fields by first choosing a category and further on write a search
word in the upper field, whereby you get a more specific search inside the category.

Exsample: You need a moody picture of a forest. If you seach for "forest" in the upper search field you risk getting
pictures of "forest"-pig and "forest"-fly etc. If you instead choose the category "landscapes" and search for "forest"
inside this, you get exactly the pictures you need.

By clicking on the thumbnails, a new window containing a larger version of the picture with additional information opens.
If you need any assistance in seaching for your picture requests, you are most welcome to contact us.

For every photo a specific order button, that adds the picture to the shopping basket, is attached. At the end of
your search you proceed to "ordering" in the menubar. Here you find a form prepared with your selection of photos.
Now you just fill in the form and mail the order by pressing "send".

If you have a photo request, that you didn´t have any succes finding on the website, feel free to contact us. Then we
will do our best to find the picture in our archives or in nature itself.

Untill you decide which pictures to purchase, you are welcome to use the jpeg-files in any layout purpose.

NatureEyes delivers digital pictures in Tiff-format. Versions in other sizes and formats (e.g. jpeg) is also available, and
requests should be given in the comment box at the order page. The pictures will be sent on a CD-ROM along with an
invoice. Orders recieved before 13:00 CET on weekdays will generally be dispatched the same day. Online-delivery can if
necessary be arranged.

An invoice is attached every order, and payment must take place within 14 days from the date of invoice.

Digital photos
Digital photos have been produced using digital single lens reflex cameras with an effective resolution of at least 6 million pixels.
Most of the digital images are recorded in RAW-format and hereafter converted to tiff-format with a colourdepth of 24 bit (48 bit
can be delivered upon request). The most frequently used colourspace is Adobe-RGB. The images are in general uncropped.
File size, resolution and camera model can be seen by every digital image.


Each analog picture has been digitalised by scanning original slides on Nikon-scanners. The photos are in Tiff-format with
a colourdepth of 24 bit and is saved in Adobe-RGB colourspace. If required we can deliver the pictures in 48 bit colourdepth.

Picture size depends on the applied Nikon-scanner, but are in the range of 30x20 cm an 45x30 cm (12x8 inch. to 18x12 inch.)
at 300dpi. The resolution is between 10Mpixels and 20 Mpixels wich gives 25-50 MB file sizes.

File size, resolution and size at reproduction is specified for each photo under technical information. In order to achieve the
closest resemblence of the original, the photos have been adjusted for contrast, light and saturation after scanning. No other
editing tools have been applied, unless it is specifically stated below the picture in question. The photos have in general not
been cropped.

Business terms covering purchases from NatureEyes I/S

  • The terms of sale and delivery mentioned below apply for all offers, sales and deliveries from NatureEyes unless other written agreements have been made.
  • The photographers working for NatureEyes maintain full ownership of NatureEyes' photos. All photos are covered by the Copyrights Act.
  • When publishing a photo the name of the NatureEyes photgrapher must appear in a copyright line. It must appear clearly which photographer has taken which picture.
  • Pictures sold by NatureEyes remain the property of the NatureEyes photographer and are to be returned no later than 7 days after use (digital pictures, however, read below). Thus a sale only gives you the right to use a photo. If the above time limit is not observed we will charge 15 Euro per picture per month in holding fee unless other arrangements have been made.
  • Pictures may only be used for the purpose agreed on beforehand.
  • The buyer is to procure a specified description of the use of the pictures. As documentation of use the customer is requested to deliver 2 free copies of the printed material in which the pictures have been reproduced.
  • The purchased rights of use are only valid for use in one country unless we have made other agreements.
  • Normally NatureEyes only delivers digital pictures on CD. Under special circumstances or as a special arrangement NatureEyes can deliver analog original slides for reproduction. Such analog photos are the customer's responsibility from receipt and until they are returned to NatureEyes. We expect that these original slides are packed carefully and returned in a safe way to NatureEyes, i.e. by recommended letter or insured parcel.
  • Pictures must not be edited or in any way manipulated - neither manually nor electronically without the permission of NatureEyes.
  • No electronic storage can take place without the permission of NatureEyes except storage in connection with the handling of pictures during the period necessary for the production in question. We expect that all electronic storage is removed from the buyer's electronic storage immediately after use. We expect the forwarded CDs removed either by the customer destroying the CD or returning it to NatureEyes.
  • Pictures on the Internet must be published in a low resolution. Publishing can only take place in the period agreed on.
  • The buyer has the full responsibility for the use of the rights of use that NatureEyes has sold. Generally speaking the NatureEyes photos are not model photos. Thus NatureEyes and the individual photographers cannot in any way be held responsible for the use, as the sale takes place with the express reservations that depicted persons or subjects may have individual rights that the buyer must observe. We take it for granted that the buyer gets the permission to publish of the persons depicted, and if a third party is involved gets his permission to publish. NatureEyes is not responsible if claims are put forward and the above-mentioned consents have not been obtained. In connection with the publishing the user has the full responsibility for erroneous texts and texts that can be an invasion of privacy.
  • NatureEyes is in no way responsible for loss of profits or any other indirect losses in connection with a deal, also including loss due to delays or defects of the sold picture. NatureEyes cannot take any responsibility for loss or damages when using pictures that by mistake are incorrectly or insufficiently marked or are in a bad technical condition.
  • When a book is reprinting we charge 50% of the current picture price.
  • In connection with damage or loss of original slides the buyer pays a minimum price of 400 Euro per slide. For slides which are returned without the original frame we charge the buyer 45 Euro
  • All prices are exclusive of moms (VAT) and costs of delivery. Terms of payment are net cash within 14 days of the date of invoice.
  • If payment takes place after the date of payment NatureEyes reserves the right to charge the buyer an interest of 3% a month on the amount due from payment date.
  • Reimbursement for pictures that have not been used cannot take place.

Please contact NatureEyes I/S if you have any doubts as to the contents of these terms of sale and delivery.
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